Avoiding Breakouts Can Be This Easy!

August 2, 2016

One of the most important reasons foundation is good for your skin (other than it being an excellent sunscreen) is to prevent zits. Think about it. Generally you are “hands off” when it comes to a made up face, not wanting to mess up your make up. One reason not touching your skin prevents zits is obvious.

A study done at the University of California, Berkeley demonstrated once again the underestimated basics of hygiene in preventing disease. Using a video camera, researchers counted the times ten college students touched their faces in a three-hour period. Take a guess before I tell you . . . How about once every four minutes, an average of forty-seven times!

One Habit To Get Rid Of Now!

Using mathematical models, Dr. Mark Nicas, professor of environmental health sciences at Berkeley estimated hand-to-face contact accounts for one-third of the risk of infectious disease (colds, flu, virus)! Another study done at the University of Colorado in four residence halls during an eight week study period showed the two halls given education about the importance of hand hygiene with ready access to hand sanitizers were sick 20% less and missed 43% fewer days of school than the control group. Families with the highest rate of hand sanitizer use showed a 60% drop in risk of catching a gastrointestinal illness from a sick child. Soap, water and alcohol based-sanitizers are effective enough to virtually eliminate viruses from the hands. (I carry little bottles of hand sanitizers in my purse and in the car.)

A recent startling study in Britain found 28% of commuters had fecal bacteria on their hands. In another similar study 57% of the men sampled had contaminated hands. Ewwwww!

Yes, Avoiding Zits Can Be This Easy!

The other reason touching your face causes zits is less obvious. What do do when you study? Rest your forehead in your hand? How about when you’re on your cell phone . . . Don’t you press it up against your ear and jaw? Pressure, whether resting your face in your hand, cell phones, hats, helmets . . . can cause a serious area breakout! In fact, pressure is one of the thirteen aggravating factors for acne!

If you would avoid breakout, follow this simple rule: Do not touch your face from the moment your make up is finished until after you have washed your hands before cleansing it at night! This simple rule will make a demonstrable difference in the occurrence and severity of breakouts! And it follows that includes not picking your skin!