My Other Face and 7 Beauty Tips

August 18, 2016

I learned I had two faces at thirty eight years of age.  I don’t know why I never noticed it before.  It had just never occurred to me to look.  My husband at that time  brought it to my attention.

He said, “Why are you tanning your chest but covering up your face? They don’t match and it looks strange. Here, look at this photo…”

I took the picture from him and gasped. My head and neck looked like they were floating above my chest, strangely disembodied. Here I was thinking ‘a little color’ was attractive and so right on my décolletage when it fact it was five ways from wrong. Not only that, there were vertical wrinkles in the center and the ‘little color’ turned out in reality to be assorted  shades of brown, mottled and dehydrated looking.


The Inimitable Joan Crawford

That was it. I threw away my convictions that the body needed to have some color and devoted myself to making sure that all my parts matched.

Twenty eight years later, I can confidently share my secrets for reversing décolletage damage and making your other face blend beautifully with your perfect complexion.

If, upon appraisal, your décolletage looks five or more years older than your face, here are 7 Beauty Tips to make those faces match.

1. Bring all your products you use on your face down to at least the top of your breasts. If you are severely sun-damaged (brown spots, lines, creepiness), apply  my Deliberately Beautiful Truly Transformational Creme morning and   night.

2. Wear shirts or tops that cover this very delicate, very vulnerable and fragile skin. If you insist on being a fashionista, wear a scarf over your chest while you are running around. Do double duty and bring it up around your neck too.

3. Wear a sunscreen every single day. Think you won’t be going outside? Put it on anyway. Wearing a crew neck top? Put it on anyway—sun rays can travel through fabric.
4. Mix together Stagelights Gel Creme with  Deliberately Beautiful and apply twice daily to add plushness and vibrancy back into the thinning skin on the décolletage.

5. Sleep on your back. You already know you should be for the sake of your face. If, however, sleeping on your side is non-negotiable, read Beauty Rule #6. Also, go to and purchase Melanie Vasseur’s amazing Beauty Pillow for $49.95. It will give you a ten year reprieve on aging within ten days.

6. Get a Sleep Bra. Trust me. Sleep with one on for a week and you’ll never want to flop around again. Those ugly vertical lines down the middle of your décolletage will go away. Oh, and you’ll stave off sagging, no small feat. I buy the Coobie Comfort Bra at

7. Do Microneedling on your décolletage when you do your face. This little roller will significantly half the time it takes to get where you want to go. I carry the only USA made, FDA approved medical device. They are $160 and last for hundreds of uses.

It is never too late for your décolletage!  Try these seven Beauty Tips and you will be astonished. Improvement is inevitable!

(First published 04/17/16)