A Tryst With Time

August 20, 2016

When my daughter was fifteen she was invited to a black tie Father-Daughter Ball.

We went looking for the perfect dress and found it on sale but when I insisted she try on a beautiful  pair of peau de soie bejeweled Stuart Weitzman pumps (my favorite shoe designer),  she was horrified. “They look like old people shoes,” she pouted. I bought them anyway and spent the next week trying to convince her of the great sacrifice I had made, buying a $300 pair of shoes because they were “classics” when, as a single mom, I was struggling to pay the rent.

I envisioned she would have those shoes for twenty or more years and one day when she was thirty we would be having coffee together and she would say, right out of the blue, “Mom, thank you soooo much for buying those $300 Stuart Weitzman pumps for me when I was fifteen!  I had no idea what a classic they were and how you sacrificed in buying them for me.”  (But it doesn’t stop there.  She would add,)  “I’ve gotten so many compliments through the years, worn them so much, and they still look new!  They are my favorite shoes!” (There’s more:)   “I am soooo sorry I gave you a hard time,” (Here she would get choked up)  “I didn’t realize how wise and cool you were at the time!”

Right.  She never wore them again after the Ball and somewhere in the ensuing years they ended up in a bag intended for Goodwill.

I wonder about my Blog.  In the land of Beauty Blogging I realize I am an anomaly, there just aren’t that many older Beauty Bloggers.   Will my ideas, passion and advice  be passed up because of my age? Truthfully, I find it difficult to get excited about blue nail polish. Really? Blue?  It looks like you’re lying on a slab in an autopsy room.

A a certain age, one has learned what works and what doesn’t.  Sometimes new is just new.  Not pretty, not flattering, just new.  Most young beauty bloggers seem to advocate uncontrolled consumption.  Does no one here get that manufacturers just want you to buy and buy? They are not necessarily the experts at what is beautiful, only what is IN and what is IN is determined by the fact of  that what WAS IN you already have.

However, as I write this I  remember when the Biba make up collection came out in the seventies and I was walking around with black eyeshadow and blackish red lips and nails and my mother was mortified, saying I looked like a vampire.  I flippin loved that make up; the colors, the packaging, the way I felt when I wore it!  I look at pictures of myself at that time and giggle.  Truly, I looked awful!  But I can see, in the eyes looking back at me in those old photos, that look.  You know what I mean.  The  I-look-and-feel-beautiful-look that transcends time and trends.  So at my next manicure I bring my new bottle of Zoya blue nail polish.  And while my manicurist is painting my nails and toes, my daughter calls and asks if I’ve seen that those French Cuff Stuart Weitzman Sandals we loved are now on sale.

(First published 06/21/13)