Help Your Esthetician Help You

August 20, 2016

Do you get regular facial treatments? 

If so, are you getting results?

In 1990, I deleted  the standard idea of a  Menu of facial treatments clients could chose from.  Instead I developed Customized Treatments.  These are  specialized facials  with the client’s skin care needs in mind.  By customized I mean they are different each time the client arrives because the skin is a changeable organ.
A treatment plan is established at my clients’s  first appointment. This includes an in depth chronicling of her health, medications, allergies and experiences with tretinoin, the AHA’S,  niacin amide, idebenone as well as any other products or ingredients she may have reacted unfavorably to.  I also have her bring her current skin care products so I can note what she  is using.  Very often just a tweak in how she is  using them results in significant improvement.

Regular Facials  Improve The Skin

Each treatment is recorded in a report called SOAP notes and kept in their file.   In brief,  SOAP notes describe where the skin is that day, where it has been, and where we are heading.  S stands for Subjective.  This is her input of how she feels her complexion is doing.  O means Objective. That’s my observation of what I see it has been up to.  A is Assessment or Action: What, based on the previous information, will transpire now during this appointment.  And P stands for Process or Planning. Where do we go from here? Should any products be used differently, deleted or added to her regime? These notes provide a running documentary of my client’s complexion history, and, with continued diligence to her expectations, helps meet her ever changing skin needs.

Your esthetician is an expert but she needs your input to be able to specialize according to your complexion’s needs as well as your expectations.  Don’t be afraid to talk to her.  Tell her if you don’t think a product is working or if you want to know about a product you heard or read about.  She wants you to see results but she needs to know exactly what you are desiring.

(Originally published 06/03/13)