Supercharge Your Skin Care Regimen

August 20, 2016

I have been so lucky to work in  a career that I love

for more than thirty years. 

In devotion to my faithful clients I continue to investigate new ingredients, home care techniques and professional modalities that keep skin young looking: firm, soft, supple, clear and porcelain smooth.  That being said, I’m excited to announce new products and home care tools coming this spring. . .

Since adding the USA made home care Microneedling Device from MTS to my skin care line in 2011 and witnessing stunning observable improvement in my skin and my client’s complexions, I’ve been investigating other substantially transforming tools and breaking news ingredients into my inventory of skin care miracles.

A cooling, soothing serum for rosacea, ultra sensitive or compromised complexions  will be arriving soon. By May, expect to see my ground breaking oxygen infused serum that encourages healthy metabolism as well as increased absorption and effectiveness of other serums.

I’ve often said that my best ideas come from my clients who share

their discoveries with me. 

The following tip comes from Lynne who encouraged me to try a new product she had discovered to render the eye area smooth and wrinkle free!  Lynne brought in a product called Patchology.  They are gel under eye pads infused with five exclusive moisturizing ingredients.  She suggested to keep in the refrigerator and I totally agree with that!  Apply in the morning after rising and leave on while you drink your coffee.  The infusion goes completely into the under eye tissue, eliminating puffiness and fine lines!

Is it time for your spring ampoule therapy?  Both Tensage 40 and Tensage 50 are powerful Spring Fever fixes. Teenage 40 is for Normal and Combination Skin. Teenage 50 is for Dry and Normal Skin. For Oily skin, try the Tensage Daily Serum. How do ampoules work? An ampoule series is applied one evening a day for 10 or 14 days. It can be a break from your normal skin care regimen. The Tensage products offer profound Growth Factors to redirect the skin in a healthy direction.

(First published 3/26/16)