Cheeky Caroline Hirons

August 21, 2016

Caroline Hirons of came up with a laundry list of basic skin care wisdom.  I added my two cents in for this compilation:

1. Never, and I mean never put your face under the shower head! The water is too hot for the delicate tissue of the complexion and the force of the water way too powerful.  Just say No!

2. Cleansing is uber important, the most important step in caring for your skin.  If you’re inadequately cleansing or, g-d forbid, not cleansing, shame on you!

3. Toners that are not acid based toners are a waste of time and money, aka they need to contain either glycolic acid, lactic acid or (if you’re prone to breakouts) salicylic acid.

4. Even oily skin needs hydration! Not moisturizer, hydration as in Focus 21’s Sea Plasma Spray or Rosewater and Glycerine in sprayer form.

5. I love Serums.   They contain spectacularly performing anti-aging ingredients like tretinoin, vitamin A or the AHAs, peptides, growth factors, stem cells, etc. and they definitely bring something of value to the party.

6. For demonstration purposes, if the complexion were made of cardboard, then the skin around the eyes is like tissue paper.  Eee gads!     I  apply eye cream after water based serums since I want those fabulous ingredients around my eyes and water based serums, being a lighter weight product, can’t penetrate through a cream.

7. Do not be fooled by Moisturizers with SPF.  Sunscreen and moisturizing ingredients do different things and go different places.  It’s like wearing a halloween costume to church.

8. Sunscreen is the single most important thing to put on your skin.  Personally  I have a love/hate relationship with Sunscreen.  I hate how it feels and smells but I love that it prevents aging.  A client told me today she likes Coola so I’ll give that one a try.  Anyone have a sunscreen they love??

9. You must double cleanse your skin in the evening if you wear make-up and/or sunscreen.

10. A clean washcloth at every cleansing is imperative!  No “Washcloth of the Week” tricks.

11. Nighttime is get-down time.  That’s when the heavy arsenal comes out.  Tretenoin, AHA’s, Peptides, Anti-oxidants, Growth Factors.  Like Caroline, I’m all about layering for maximizing beauty sleep.

12. And last, your face ends at your breasts.  Bring your products down your throat, around to the back of your neck, on your shoulders and to the top of the breasts.

This is just a recap of some important points Caroline Hirons of made incorporated with a few of my own.  You  must go to her blog and read this delightfully charming young Brit chat on about Beauty.  She’s right on cheeky. Caroline Hirons

(First published 06/6/13)