Wash Your Clothes For Sun Protection

August 21, 2016

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I am a FANATIC about sun protection.  That means when I leave my house (with gloves and an umbrella), for the most part I have on long sleeves with a crew neck and jeans.  I have put sunscreen on my face, neck and hands and I have applied make up.  (When I say make up,  I am referring to foundation.)  Since I believe make up is good for the skin, I wear it every day and I recommend it to every woman, regardless of skin type.  To answer your question before you ask it,

No I don’t believe my skin needs to  “breathe” like some creepy little invisible animal that lives on my face! 

So what I’m writing about is so exciting I can hardly stand it!  If you have ever had a bout with skin cancer, you may have purchased products from companies that specialize in sun protective clothing such as Sun Precautions, Cabana Life, Exofficio  or Coolibar .  These online stores are, thankfully,  getting more hip with their styles so any age group can find clothing that fits not only their lifestyle but their sense of style.  But what if you don’t care for the apparel and already have a closet full of clothing you love?

Enter SunGuard, a new detergent that washes in sun protection!  One wash renders an item of clothing UPF 30 and washing it a second time, a UPF 50!  (UPF, which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, measures  sun protection of clothing with number 1 being lowest and 50 being highest.)   The best part is the protection lasts for twenty washings!

FYI, all regular clothing lets  UV radiation in! The best protection is with dark, tightly woven fabrics (like jeans), not white or light colored, gauzy  fabrics that are fashionable in the summer.   When I write about the importance of sun protection it’s not just skin cancer that is at stake but also premature aging.  Geez, don’t we have enough going against us with time and gravity! If you could take out one of the enemies of youth by doing a little laundry, wouldn’t you do it?

(First published 07/8/13)