Passion, Patience and Perseverance

August 24, 2016

There will be  days when you look older on your journey to looking younger.  Why this happens, why it is a sign you are on the right track, and how to work with it to enjoy radiant, glowing, youthful skin is the purpose of this article.

I  believe if you understand what’s going on with your skin, you’ll be more motivated to work with it, loving it through  the process, rather than impatiently  pushing the envelope into dermatitis or giving up altogether.

While younger skin has an average of  four to seven light, thin, fluffy layers of dead skin on top of the important epidermis,  older skin has thirty or more thick, dense, sticky and  heavily compacted layers.  Yuck.

There will be days when you look older on your journey to looking younger.

When skin cells are born in younger skin these chubby little balls of happy protoplasm march up to the surface from the deeper layers in orderly fashion like little soldiers with  concise directions knowing they are going to get red velvet cupcakes at their arrival.  They  skip happily  through their life cycle of 21 to 28 days and cheerily bid adieu to their friends and jump off the skin when life  is up.  On the other hand, newly born cells of older skin forget who they are and why they are here.  These flat, flabby and  misshapen cells move so slowly and in such haphazard formation, they look like a a battery of civil war veterans stumbling about trying to find a centennial reunion without a map.

This spectral horror is what brings new clients to my door. 

young beautiful healthy woman and the mirror

Ok, so  what does this look like in the mirror?  Deep lines  from the nose to the mouth.  Vertical, accordion type lines on the sides of the face.  Tiny creases around the eyes and lips.  And, looking  closer,  textural patterns of dehydration coupled with a mottled  appearance.  Sort of like hop scotch  meets spilled chocolate ice cream.

This spectral horror is what brings new clients to my door. At their  first consultation/appointment, I explain that each step in restoration and  rejuvenation will have periods of adjustment when they will not like the way their skin looks.   There is no remarkable restoration back to  youthful looking skin without some downtime.

In taking on a new client I am asking for her

trust, patience, active participation and careful observation.

All serious treatment plans are a version of intentionally damaging the skin so it will repair itself and in doing so, build up new fine textured, flawless, unblemished skin.  Downtime can be several months, as in the case of deep chemical peels or CO2 lasers or, at the other end of the spectrum, a couple of days a week for a mildly aggressive skin  care  program.   In  taking  on   a  new  client  I  am   asking for her trust, patience, active participation and careful observation.

Grab this concept and you’ve got fighting the anti-aging battle down:

1.  Most products used to stop and reverse time are exfoliating in nature.  That means they get rid the complexion of accumulated dense, sticky skin cells that rob our inner beauty.

2.  Many products are either chemical or physical exfoliators, though some may be both.

3.  Chemical exfoliators do the deep down in the dermis work, they change a cell’s thinking so it behaves like young skin.

4.  Physical exfoliators do the top dirty work.  They remove the flaky, discolored, dense, scaly, unresponsive top layers,  polishing the skin to reveal the new, youthful skin that the chemical exfoliators are making underneath.

5. When using an age-defying skin regimen, if your  complexion looks   dry, dehydrated, wrinkled, or discolored, it can usually be traced to this concept: Chemical and physical exfoliation must be neck and neck.  If physical falls behind, the skin looks flat, dull and gray.  If chemical gets ahead of itself, the skin feels tender and abused.

6.  The only way to balance these two elements of anti-aging (which is the only method to affect the skin on a daily basis without a long downtime), is to pay attention to what your skin is telling you.  It’s talking to you twice daily by how it looks and how it feels to the touch.  Learn this and there will be nothing you cannot change about your skin.  There is no limit but Beauty takes time and time takes patience.


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