Everyone Thinks Their Pores Are Too Big

August 24, 2016

Most everyone thinks their pores are too big and it just ain’t true. These are the facts: The size of the pore is in direct relationship to the outflux of oil from beneath it. Diminish the oil production and the size of the pore shrinks to accomodate it. This is how Accutane clears acne.  The endocrine system is largely shut down, decreasing oil supply,  clearing blemishes and thus shrinking pores.

Want to shrink the size of your pores? Use an acid based toner morning and night.

But  how else can you shrink the pores? Many cleansers that create bubbles are alkaline based which strips the acid Ph. When the skin senses its acid mantle is missing, it turns on these tiny little faucets in the oil gland and out pours oil to restore the mantle protection. If your skin is oily, it does this quickly and the pores respond by dilating accordingly. This is why oily skin girls who wash their face three or four times a day just get oilier with enlarged pores.

Want to shrink the size of your pores?  Use an acid based toner morning and night. Try making your own with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup distilled water.  Or for more exact balancing, try one of Bryant Rushing’s specific Facial Toners for your skin type.

(First published 06/08/13)