Inner Beauty and Saving Grace

August 24, 2016

There is no more powerful coach than the friend, husband, child, family member, or even a stranger who gives a thumbs up to your dreams.

We who see your beauty and believe in your success . . . we hold that space  sacred until you find the courage to step into the winner’s circle and claim your trophy.

Being hard on ourselves is the worst thing we can do for each other.  

If I am shy of the limelight, tied up by my fears,  how can I encourage you to step out for yourself? We are mirrors of each other, uniquely different yet inextricably connected through our humanity.

Being beautiful must  be more than exercising, eating right, getting enough sleep and taking  vitamins.  Being beautiful is an inside job that also takes others to exist. To be an integrated beauty, I must attend to my interior self as well as to applying my new lipstick.

It is only from my complete heart, where I know who I am and what I stand for, where an angelic guard turns away self-criticism, that I can confidently reach out and lift you up.

(First published 07/12/15)