Seriously, You Have Been Brainwashed

August 24, 2016

Summer can be a most frustrating season as an esthetician. This is the time of year when I regularly hear, “I just want a little color on my face, body, legs, whatever.”

When I hear this from clients I sigh. A really loud sigh. A sigh so loud they comment, asking if I am ok. This is what the sigh is all about:  There is no such thing as a little color!  All “color” is the skin’s desperate attempt to protect itself from the bombardment of UV radiation! You might as well say, “I like a little skin cancer.  Not enough to kill me, mind you, just enough to maim me.  Perhaps a scar across my nose or a missing earlobe or a cute 4 inch gouge out of my leg!”

Those cute little freckles have clumped together into large age spots.

You could say I am obsessed about sun exposure. Or you might think that I exaggerate. I can assure you, I do not. If you believe you look better with “a little color” I have some news for you: You Have Been Brainwashed!

People who think they look better with color probably also think it’s cute when their children get freckles across their nose. Flash forward twenty, thirty years. That little color has turned into thin, leathery skin sporting wrinkles and sagging necks. Those cute little freckles have clumped together into large age spots or were perhaps replaced by a scar or two  where  skin cancers were discovered.

If my website accomplishes only one thing, getting you out of the sun and deprogrammed from thinking tans are beautiful, then I have succeeded. Perhaps you’ll even embrace  your naturally beautiful skin color and be  freed from the bondage of fashion that can kill you.

Protect your beauty. Protect your life.

Be Safe.  Wear Sunscreen.  Put on Sunglasses and a Hat.  Cover Up.  Wear gloves, your hands will give away your age before your face does.  Use self-tanners.  Be a smart girl, not a dumb girl.  Plan now to get old.  You will.  Don’t you want to be beautiful then as well?  Just think things through to their logical conclusion.  Protect your beauty.  Protect your life.

(First published 06/17/13)