To Catch A Star

December 26, 2016

Last week I wrote that Beauty can change your life. How? you might ask. Sounds like an advertising gimmick you might say. But put aside your notions for a minute and think.

You make a special dinner for someone, laying out the cloth napkins and lighting the candles. That person is enveloped by your thoughtfulness and loving attention to detail. Those little things affect the way he or she might enjoy the dinner, in fact they may linger at the table with a tender warmth of affection for you.

The next day, that person carries with them a feeling of being special that affects their entire day. They might smile at a stranger who’s feeling hopeless because their child is terminally ill. They might give a few dollars to a homeless person who’s forgotten they were ever loved. They might try extra hard on that test they were dreading. But one thing is for certain. They will tuck that memory in the treasure chest where love is stored for safekeeping and one day, it will be taken out and carressed, held up to the light and pressed to the heart. That’s how Beauty changes the world, one woman at a time.

What about us, we who place the cloth napkins and light the candles, who nurtures us? We who form stars and give them to others also need to do this for ourselves. It can take place in many ways, a cup of tea in the afternoon, a manicure, perhaps a French class. In so doing we set an example for others that it’s ok to love yourself. So when stars are brimming out of our apron pockets, we becomes constellations in the sky for others to show the way.