February 11, 2017

A client asked me last week what was the point of just doing one Celluma LED treatment during a facial when I had mentioned twice weekly treatments for four weeks. Few people have the time to sit under a light twice a week. So I posed this question to the makers of my LED modality: What benefits can be obtained with just once a month? The answer disarmed me. How about a continuing cascade of cellular regeneration.

But how does it work exactly?

Well, briefly the LED light source emits photons which are absorbed by the mitochondria and cell membranes. This causes an elevation of ATP synthesis. Huh?

ATP is the basic unit of energy that enables the cells of most living organisms to function.

Without ATP, life ends.

Increased ATP creates a cascade of metabolic events resulting in biochemical and cellular changes such as increased respiration and quickened cellular turnaround which means new collagen. THE RESULT:

What’s the benefit of receiving a Celluma Treatment just once a month?

Over time an 80% improvement in skin texture, 77% improvement in skin firmness and 66% improvement in facial wrinkles.

Only $60, incorporated into your regular facial. Done alone, $100 for 30 minutes.