Shaken, not Stirred!

March 20, 2017

Those who have been coming to me for, need I say, decades, know my intense preference for serums. As a living organism, the skin can absorb a cornucopia of diverse ingredients with the right combination of serums.

You’ve heard me say this, “The lighter the weight (of a product), the quicker the absorption, the elimination of evaporation and the deeper the penetration.” Add to that, “fast acting with visible results,” and you’ll understand why your own protocol I designed for your personal skin care regimen is laden with serums.

But for those who want to cut down maintenance time, layering serums poses a dilemma. I’m here to tell you that not only can serums be blended and applied as one, but that it can be very advantageous to do so! By this I mean that certain serum formulas act as catalysts for one another!

To go into this would be a thesis so I’m just going to tell you some of my favorite blends:

For Delicate Skin with aging concerns: Mirror Mirror Serum with White Caviar Serum

For Normal to Oily Skin with pigmentation concerns: Cocktail Dress Serum with I’m A Perfectionist Serum

For “Sleepy Skin” that needs to wake up and start performing: Vitamin Luxe Serum with My Daily Vitamin Serum.

For Skin prone to breakouts: Divine Intervention Serum with My Best Selfie Serum.

For Dehydrated Skin: 24 Serum with Answered Prayer Serum.

These are just a few mixtures of the top of my head. There are limitless possibilities with the diversity of my Bryant Rushing Skin Care.