How Do My Wrinkles Around My Eyes Happen? What Can I Do About Them?

April 23, 2018

Why Does The Skin Under The Eyes
Wrinkle And Crease As I Age?

First of all, the skin around the eyes is completely different from the skin on the face! One of my first mentors, a French esthetician, explained skin to me in this way: “The skin on the face is like typing layer, the skin on the throat and décolleté is like fine writing paper and the skin around the eyes is like thin tissue paper.” That was 1970 and I stand by this illustration to help explain why different products are needed on these three different areas.

Look in the mirror and smile. Surprise! There are your wrinkles and lines and they begin with the natural facial gestures we all use to express ourselves. Squinting, Frowning, Smiling, Laughing, Crying, all these contribute to the eyes being the first to show age. The eye area (as well as the mouth area) are the most mobile areas of the face and therefore are constantly creasing and relaxing according to our emotions and their expression.

How Is Eye Creme Different From Face Cremes?

There are different variations of ingredients in products for the eye area and they depend on each company’s philosophy for the eye area and their chemist’s personal bias. For instance, eye creme of the mid century is very different from today’s offerings! Even what was important twenty years ago is today not relevant in light of new ingredient breakthroughs and how the delicate skin around the eyes absorbs and uses them. I too, have my personal bias and do a lot of research for all my products to keep my line both cutting edge and timeless.

What Ingredients Should I Look For In a Eye Creme?

Some ingredients I believe are important to the skin around the eyes care are the new peptides, particularly those that neutralize micro muscle action. A good eye creme should contain ingredients which impart moisture (water) and lipids (oil) in the smallest molecular structure available. I like D-Panthenol, Sodium PCA, Allantoin, Shea Butter, Squalane and some natural oils. Vitamins such as A, C, B, D3, E and Retinol (Vitamin A) are excellent as well as botanical extracts specific to anti-aging such as ginseng. The formula should be encapsulated for time released delivery and deeper penetration. It should contain a sealant ability to protect the delicate eye area skin from dehydration and evaporation of vital ingredients.

Why Did You Choose Bedroom Eyes?

Because a wrinkled and dehydrated eye area is a bane for aging skin, I spend a great deal of time researching and personally trying new ingredients and formulas of eye cremes. As of yet I have found none that equal the results of my Bedroom Eyes. Its micro emulsion not only feeds and moisturizers the eye area, it calms, tones and brightens the sometimes tired looking delicate tissue under the eyes.

What If I Don’t Want to Bother With Eye Creme?

Other Bryant Rushing Products applied to the face and throat and are advantageous to the eye area are 24 K Oxygen Emulsion, Answered Prayer Serum and White Caviar Serum. In fact, I often layer these under or over the application of my Bedroom Eyes. (White Caviar goes under, 24 K and Answered Prayer over).