Hair Loss, Stress & Hair Growth

February 8, 2019
Hair Loss, Stress & Hair Growth

Many of you know how, after losing my husband in August of 2017, I lost thirty pounds and my hair fell out alarmingly for 8 months.  I was seriously thinking I would be wearing wigs if it continued.

I went to the Dermatologist every month as she monitored my hair loss.  She increased my Spironolactone and encouraged me to use Rogaine for men.

I had my thyroid checked three times during the ensuing months to get it balanced. With my physician’s blessing, I went off my hormone pellets to make sure it wasn’t the testosterone. 

The hair loss continued at such an accelerated rate I would literally drop hair as I walked.  Eventually, I would be doing comb-overs on the crown and sides of my head.

In the end, it was my grim determination not to go bald that gave me the driving ambition to find an answer. I was desperate.

I tried five different shampoos and after months of testing settled on the Kiierr Shampoo containing Zinc, PCA, Green Tea & Kapilarine block DHT. Along with the Kiierr Conditioner(Trichogen VEG 9733 and DermaPep Pepanagen-S), these two products beat out by a long margin the Kérastase Densifique Line and the Viviscal Shampoo. (Although I loved and continue to use the Densifique Mousse which makes my hair look thicker.

In addition to Nature’s Bounty “Hair, Skin and Nailscomb-overs Viviscal® tablets (AminoMar®, Apple Extract, and Biotin) and Biotin which I always take, I added, at the advice of my dermatologist, the new supplement Nutrafol.  Either the combination or the later addition of Nutrafol seemed to begin some hair growth within two months.  

To my regular vitamins I added Selenium, Silica, Zinc, Iron and Folic Acid, the herbs Saw Palmetto, Horsetail, Gotu Kola, Ashwaganda, Ginger, Cayenne and Curcumin fortified with Black Pepper.  I also began taking a Vitamin B Complex and B12 in tincture form and increased my Vitamin A, C with Bioflavinoids and Vitamin E. 

I did my Scalp Microneedling Treatment every week and applied a proprietary formula ampoule with nutrients. I continued with the Rogaine application daily but, with Clinical Resolution’s blessing, microneedled the areas before applying it. Still, deep down I knew there must be more.  And there Definitely Was.

I combed the Internet (no pun intended) again and purchased the Kiierr LLLT Clinical Strength Lasar Cap System Model-272.  I use this every other day for thirty minutes.  (Yes, that is how committed I am.) I think this is making a big difference as my hair is starting to grow back.

But I searched still deeper and discovered a medication prescribed FOR MEN for hair loss called FINISTERADE

I told my hormone doctor I wanted a prescription for it and she said, “Of course.”  And wrote me a script right on the spot.

Now: Why hadn’t she suggested it all those months we were talking about my hair loss and the possible testosterone connection?  And why didn’t my dermatologist never mention it? 

After eight months my hair has finally stopped falling out.  I am seeing new hair growth on my crown and sides.  My hair feels healthier and thicker.

In my world, no stone gets unturned.  You have to FIGHT for what you want from your doctors.  You must become your own advocate.  You must take matters into your own hands.

*Scalp Microneedling has been proven beneficial for Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) and Alopecia Areata (Immune Related Baldness).  (The later combined with the application of Triamcinolone Acetate.)

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How Do My Wrinkles Around My Eyes Happen? What Can I Do About Them?

April 23, 2018

Why Does The Skin Under The Eyes
Wrinkle And Crease As I Age?

First of all, the skin around the eyes is completely different from the skin on the face! One of my first mentors, a French esthetician, explained skin to me in this way: “The skin on the face is like typing layer, the skin on the throat and décolleté is like fine writing paper and the skin around the eyes is like thin tissue paper.” That was 1970 and I stand by this illustration to help explain why different products are needed on these three different areas.

Look in the mirror and smile. Surprise! There are your wrinkles and lines and they begin with the natural facial gestures we all use to express ourselves. Squinting, Frowning, Smiling, Laughing, Crying, all these contribute to the eyes being the first to show age. The eye area (as well as the mouth area) are the most mobile areas of the face and therefore are constantly creasing and relaxing according to our emotions and their expression.

How Is Eye Creme Different From Face Cremes?

There are different variations of ingredients in products for the eye area and they depend on each company’s philosophy for the eye area and their chemist’s personal bias. For instance, eye creme of the mid century is very different from today’s offerings! Even what was important twenty years ago is today not relevant in light of new ingredient breakthroughs and how the delicate skin around the eyes absorbs and uses them. I too, have my personal bias and do a lot of research for all my products to keep my line both cutting edge and timeless.

What Ingredients Should I Look For In a Eye Creme?

Some ingredients I believe are important to the skin around the eyes care are the new peptides, particularly those that neutralize micro muscle action. A good eye creme should contain ingredients which impart moisture (water) and lipids (oil) in the smallest molecular structure available. I like D-Panthenol, Sodium PCA, Allantoin, Shea Butter, Squalane and some natural oils. Vitamins such as A, C, B, D3, E and Retinol (Vitamin A) are excellent as well as botanical extracts specific to anti-aging such as ginseng. The formula should be encapsulated for time released delivery and deeper penetration. It should contain a sealant ability to protect the delicate eye area skin from dehydration and evaporation of vital ingredients.

Why Did You Choose Bedroom Eyes?

Because a wrinkled and dehydrated eye area is a bane for aging skin, I spend a great deal of time researching and personally trying new ingredients and formulas of eye cremes. As of yet I have found none that equal the results of my Bedroom Eyes. Its micro emulsion not only feeds and moisturizers the eye area, it calms, tones and brightens the sometimes tired looking delicate tissue under the eyes.

What If I Don’t Want to Bother With Eye Creme?

Other Bryant Rushing Products applied to the face and throat and are advantageous to the eye area are 24 K Oxygen Emulsion, Answered Prayer Serum and White Caviar Serum. In fact, I often layer these under or over the application of my Bedroom Eyes. (White Caviar goes under, 24 K and Answered Prayer over).

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Shaken, not Stirred!

March 20, 2017

Those who have been coming to me for, need I say, decades, know my intense preference for serums. As a living organism, the skin can absorb a cornucopia of diverse ingredients with the right combination of serums.

You’ve heard me say this, “The lighter the weight (of a product), the quicker the absorption, the elimination of evaporation and the deeper the penetration.” Add to that, “fast acting with visible results,” and you’ll understand why your own protocol I designed for your personal skin care regimen is laden with serums.

But for those who want to cut down maintenance time, layering serums poses a dilemma. I’m here to tell you that not only can serums be blended and applied as one, but that it can be very advantageous to do so! By this I mean that certain serum formulas act as catalysts for one another!

To go into this would be a thesis so I’m just going to tell you some of my favorite blends:

For Delicate Skin with aging concerns: Mirror Mirror Serum with White Caviar Serum

For Normal to Oily Skin with pigmentation concerns: Cocktail Dress Serum with I’m A Perfectionist Serum

For “Sleepy Skin” that needs to wake up and start performing: Vitamin Luxe Serum with My Daily Vitamin Serum.

For Skin prone to breakouts: Divine Intervention Serum with My Best Selfie Serum.

For Dehydrated Skin: 24 Serum with Answered Prayer Serum.

These are just a few mixtures of the top of my head. There are limitless possibilities with the diversity of my Bryant Rushing Skin Care.

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February 11, 2017

A client asked me last week what was the point of just doing one Celluma LED treatment during a facial when I had mentioned twice weekly treatments for four weeks. Few people have the time to sit under a light twice a week. So I posed this question to the makers of my LED modality: What benefits can be obtained with just once a month? The answer disarmed me. How about a continuing cascade of cellular regeneration.

But how does it work exactly?

Well, briefly the LED light source emits photons which are absorbed by the mitochondria and cell membranes. This causes an elevation of ATP synthesis. Huh?

ATP is the basic unit of energy that enables the cells of most living organisms to function.

Without ATP, life ends.

Increased ATP creates a cascade of metabolic events resulting in biochemical and cellular changes such as increased respiration and quickened cellular turnaround which means new collagen. THE RESULT:

What’s the benefit of receiving a Celluma Treatment just once a month?

Over time an 80% improvement in skin texture, 77% improvement in skin firmness and 66% improvement in facial wrinkles.

Only $60, incorporated into your regular facial. Done alone, $100 for 30 minutes.

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The Most Profound Learning Experience of my Career

February 4, 2017


What is Retinol?  Is it Essential to a Skin Care Regimen? How Do I use it?

If I could list the most monumental moment in my career it was meeting the co-developers of Retin-A™, Dr. Albert Kligman and Dr. James Fulton in 1988. After our conversation, I felt a pivotal turning point for esthetic medicine was happening and I had the good fortune to be right in the middle of it. Consequently I was the only practicing esthetician in town encouraging her clients to use this vitamin A powerhouse. Others were not only discouraging their clients but even posting notices on their doors refusing Retin A™ users. In taking this brave step forward, I prepared myself for the most profound learning experience of my career: Working with retinized skin.

Others were not only discouraging their clients

but even posting notices on their doors refusing Retin A™ users!

To say I am a fan of retinol is an understatement. No anti-aging home protocol is complete without this Vitamin A Acid. From the prescription variety we have the first generation products which included retinol, retinal, tretinoin (retinoid acid), isotretinoin and alitretinoin. Second generation formulas are etretinate and metabolite acitretin. Third generation is comprised of adapalene, bexarotene and tazarotene. From the cosmeceutical corner we have retinol, retinol propionate, retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde and retinol esters.

To say I am a fan of retinol is an understatement.

But there’s a huge caveat to using Retinol and it can best be described like this: The more powerful the ingredient, the more spectacular the result, the longer the downtime, the greater the riskConsequently it is not uncommon for me to see clients who have overstepped their retinol usage and suffer the consequences of extreme dehydration and compromised skin barrier in the form of severe irritation or even dermatitis. Even long time retinol users can suffer these side effects if daily monitoring is not used.


I prepared myself for the most profound learning experience of my career: Working with retinized skin.

So how to reap the benefits of retinol and avoid the possibility of extreme dehydration, irritation and dermatitis? Moderation is the key. To jump with both feet into retinol use without extreme caution is to end up giving it up altogether. So how can it be done?

First time users should also incorporate retinol slowly.

This is where 911, my Go To Creme comes in. Mixing some 911 with the Retinol allows the skin to reap the benefits of this vitamin A and avoid the side effects. First time users should also incorporate retinol slowly. Say, one night a week for one month. Then two times a week (split apart) for one month. And so on, taking seven months for the skin to be fully integrated with retinol.

This is where 911, my Go To Creme comes in.

Check back to your newsletter for the Once A Year 20% Off Sale on My Daily Vitamin Serum and Satin Slip Creme, both deeply infused with concentrations of Retinol.


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Retinol: The Game Changer

January 30, 2017

Retinol is one of the most important ingredients for all skin types when we discuss anti-aging. But there’s much confusion about this very beneficial ingredient so I’d like to sort out some the misconceptions and hopefully introduce my retinols into your skin care program.

Retinol is a skin restorative revitalizer. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, diminishes dark spots, shrinks pores, improves texture and tone, encourages collagen production which restores firmness.

Not many people realize that retinol is Vitamin A.  It can come in various forms. These are Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate, Retinaldehyde, Retinyl Retinoate, Retinyl Proprionate, and the prescription medication Retin A (generic name is Tretenion) along with the second and third generation variants. As far as cosmeceuticals goes, pure Retinol is generally considered the most effective.

Retinol is one of the most important ingredient for all skin types

when we discuss anti-aging.

Retinol comes in all forms such as serums. lotions and moisturizers. Regarless of the texture, Retinol is a skin restorative revitalizer. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, diminishes dark spots, shrinks pores, improves texture and tone, encourages collagen production which restores firmness.

Retinol works deeper in the dermis to revitalize the skin, creating new collagen. The best skin care regimen uses both of these catagories for the best result.

Some mistake Retinol for an exfoliator and put it in the same category as AHAs because of the flaking they may experience. The difference is AHAs exfoliate the dead layers from the skin, creating a faster cellular turnaround and revealing younger looking skin. Retinol works deeper in the dermis to revitalize the skin, creating new collagen. The best skin care regimen uses both of these catagories for the best result.

My Daily Vitamin Serum contains retinol for all skin types.  My new Retriderm Serum Max 1% packs a bit of a punch but is better tolerated than Retin A.  Satin Slip also contains retinol in a moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin.

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These 4 Common Cosmetic Surgery Beliefs are Myths

January 21, 2017


Cosmetic Surgery Times recently debunked some prevailing cosmetic surgery beliefs.

Yep, these commonly held beliefs are just not true.

1. How many of us have used arnica to help prevent cosmetic surgery bruising? Well, as it turns out, Arnica Montana does nothing to prevent bruising with post blepharoplasty patients. (Eyelid surgery) In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, the results of which were published in the July issue of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery arnica doesn’t do a thing to prevent bruising or speed up healing. However, the study was based on topical ointment, not the homeopathic pellets. My input? I think the pellets, along with application of topical Vitamin K helps a lot.

Arnica Montana does nothing to prevent bruising.

2. The tip of the nose does not grow longer with age. Val Lambros, M.D., FACS, a Newport Beach, Calif., plastic surgeon, using a 3D camera, concluded that photos can be averaged to reveal how typical people age over time. Regarding the longer nose, well, it turns out it’s an optical illusion. It’s created by the shortening of the lip and changes in the posterior nose, he says. PS Lift your face up in photos, it makes the nose look shorter.

The tip of the nose does not grow longer with age. 

3. A recent study findings suggest that physicians can provide appropriately selected patients with long-lasting, cost-effective correction in the mid-face using much smaller volumes of 20-mg/mL, smooth, highly cohesive, viscous Hyaluronic filler than the pivotal approval trial suggested. (6.65 mL, a large and perhaps unrealistic volume in many practices.) A recent study utilizing only 1.6 mL revealed that 42 of 51 patients reported very much or moderate improvement, even a year later. You may be paying more than you need to.

The word on HA fillers: Less is More.

4. We all know that facial wrinkles, lines and folds happen from the expressions we make? Uh, yeah, but not all. While skin distortion from facial expressions causes many of the wrinkles we see on our faces with age, a new study suggests, as many experts in facial aesthetics have long assumed, wrinkles also result from “mechanical distortion” during sleep. My advice: Silk pillowcases and sleeping on your back as much as possible.

Sleeping is aging you, eight hours at a time.

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January 14, 2017


How does LED therapy work?

LED promotes a natural photo biochemical reaction similar to plant photosynthesis. NASA’s Space Program proved that LED light therapy in the near-infrared wavelength promotes wound healing and and human tissue growth. LED reacts with the cytochromes the parts of the cells that respond to light and color. When cytochromes are activated, their energy goes up which then stimulates tissue growth and regeneration

What does LED light therapy do?

Energy delivered by LED enhances cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, the hallmarks of healthy firm skin.

How do I know it really works?

Scientifically proven in over 300 unbiased clinical trials to regulate cellular function with only one treatment through restoring the body’s ability to heal itself. Collagen production is increased through oxygenation and restoration of healthy cellular activity. Through lymphatic stimulation the skin is detoxified. Additionally, inflammation, particular to rosacea, pustular acne and injury is calmed.

How is LED therapy different from Micro Needling?


Micro Needling intentionally damages the skin through micro perforations in the dermis thereby eliciting a healing response which then creates the production of healthy collagen. It refines the texture of the complexion, erasing fine lines and lessening wrinkles. It lightens hyper pigmentation, tightens large pores and firms the contours of the face. Though the face is anesthetized, there is some discomfort during the treatment with a downtime of three days. Best protocol suggestion is a treatment performed every 30 to 60 days for a total of six treatments. Cost: $350 each or $1750 for a series of six. Must be completed within a year.


Through optimizing the natural cellular activity, LED therapy smooths skin texture, improves skin firmness and resilience, increases the lymphatic system’s function, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation. Reduces sebum in oily skin and controls breakout. Tightens enlarged pores. The treatment is for all skin types, is non-invasive, painless and without downtime. Best protocol are 30 minute treatments twice a week over a period of eight to twelve weeks. Don’t have time? Unlimited potential adding to your monthly facial treatment. Cost: $2.00 a minute. 30 minutes incorporated into regular facial treatment is $60. LED facial with cleansing and masque at one hour is $100.

Is there anyone LED therapy is not good for?

Women who are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy should consult their physician before beginning light treatments. Wait five days after Botox or cosmetic fillers.

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What are Peptides Anyway? Are They Essential to a Skin Care Regimen?

January 11, 2017

Peptides are tiny protein fragments. They are amino acids that improve cell to cell communication. Think of them as movie directors, capable of telling the skin to improve its vital functions. These include metabolism, immune response, digestion, melanocyte production, respiration, sensitivity to pain, reproduction, behavior and electrolyte levels. In fact, without peptides, skin doesn’t remain intact and the result is loss of firmness, appearance of wrinkles, texture changes, and skin that doesn’t bounce back as it once did.

White Caviar 30 ml $99

Five peptides in White Caviar are biomimetic, that is molecularly identical to human placenta. These peptides have the remarkable ability to promote, support, and prompt the skin to function as it did in its youth. These improvements are visually noticeable as regeneration is increased, strength is regained, hyaluronan synthesis is promoted, and collagen produced. Two of the peptides are neuropeptides, capable of reducing the tension in the complexion that leads to wrinkles. No, it doesn’t replace Botox™ but it does assist its function.

To further support the skin’s efforts to rejuvenate itself, two oligo peptides provide essential nutritional support bringing the skin back to its natural state of youthful balance. These oligo elements are nutrient-rich trace elements. Their essential function to this formula is to act as a catalyst to speed up, stimulate, and protect, while providing sensory stimulation to skin cells, resulting in firmer, smoother skin.

Some skin care companies would have you believe that peptides are the age defying miracle of the decade, that everything that’s gone before them is obsolete. This is most definitely not true!

The Fabulous Five Ingredients

The essential program to slow down and reverse the signs of aging consists of of retinol (My Daily Vitamin, Biopelle Retriderm, Retinol’s A et al), an AHA (Mirror Mirror, Cocktail Dress or My Favorite Stilettos), An antioxidant of which Vitamin C is king (Vitamin Luxe) or ubiquinone (Coming Soon), Peptides (Believe It and White Caviar) and Vitamin B3, Niacinamide (Stagelights and Paula’s Choice, Niacinamide Serum). Other top ingredients include hyaluronic acid, melanocyte (brown spots) lighteners, lipids and other accessory ingredients of which there are endless. These can round out the primary program to assist the important Fabulous Five or be activated to be better than they are by the same important five ingredients.

A client said to me today, “There are so many products out there it impossible to choose which ones are best.” I replied that there are a lot of products but only a few major ingredients that pull the weight for all of them: Retinol, AHA’s, Anti-oxidants, Peptides and Niacinamide.

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January 6, 2017

LED Light Treatment Therapy comes to
Bryant Rushing
New Advancements in 2017!

Thirty minutes of LED Light Therapy with the state of the art Celluma screen activates and accelerates collagen production, improving the various visible signs of aging. In fact, LED light therapy landed a spot at the top of Shape’s list of the “10 High-Tech Beauty Products Worth Every Penny.”

My Celumma modality is the only LED Phototherapy available utilizing the three wavelengths, Blue, Red and Near-Infrared. Why is this important?

These specific wavelengths are well researched and scientifically proven to produce therapeutic benefits. Blue penetrates through the epidermis and is known to kill P.acnes bacteria. Red penetrates into the dermal layer and has been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production through photo-biostimulation of fibroblasts. Near-infrared penetrates deepest and increases micro-circulation (tissue repair), decreases inflammation and attenuates pain.

With the first treatment skin is restored to glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Continued use will reduce age spots, ease depth of lines and wrinkles and increase elasticity and firmness. In fact, LED treatments effects all aspects of sun damage including overall redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries.

At $2.00 a minute, the Celluma LED treatment is a beauty bargain. Purchase a series of six thirty minute treatments for the price of five for $300. Add 15 minute mini treatment to your regular Facial Treatment for only $30.00

In fact, adding 15 minutes of the the Celluma light therapy at the end of your Microneedling CIT treatment reduces likelihood of bruising and shorten healing time and amplifies the anti-aging results! At the end of Dermaplaning it helps restore the skin’s natural barrier to produce a rich vibrant glow.

How does LLLT (low level light therapy) with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) benefit the skin?

Celluma LED Light Therapy by BioPhotas

is a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner. Results are accumulative with many clients noting positive changes within days of their first treatment.

The basic premise of LED Skin Therapy

is that different colours trigger different reactions beneath the epidermis and penetrate the skin at varying depths for effective, photographic results that accumulate over time. The 30 minute treatment can be used for the face, throat, décolleté or hands.

The Celluma LED has won the following awards:



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