Blemished Skin 

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman.

Blemished Skin covers a wide variety of complexions. It can mean skin that is always battling some breakout somewhere some or all the time but otherwise pretty clear.  Or it can mean any of the three stages of Acne. Mild acne is characterized by open comedones (blackheads), closed  comedones (micro cysts or milia). Moderate acne is identified as mild acne with  red inflammatory papular activity.  Advanced acne involves all of the previous plus profound inflammation involving pustular activity with multiple cysts and nodules.

What Causes Acne?

Three things contribute to acne: accumulated dead skin cells within the pore, excessive sebum produced by follicle and bacteria overgrowth. When dead skin cells, oil and bacteria accumulate within pores, small bumps called blackheads or milia occur. Sometimes pores get so irritated by the trapped sebum and bacteria that these blemishes become inflammatory, creating red pimples called papules and pustules. Pustules are yellowish bacteria filled pimples. When blocked pores get even more irritated, they go deeper into your skin and can be quite painful and large. Nodules are very hard. Cysts are softer. These types of breakouts cannot be extracted, they need appropriate prescriptions from a Dermatologist and some time for complete resolution.

Though Bryant Rushing has products that help heal and prevent breakouts, moderate and advanced acne needs dermatological intervention. This may include oral and topical prescription medications. Facial treatments specifically for acne from a qualified, licensed esthetician can be very beneficial.

Look for My Daily Vitamin and My Best Selfie for twice daily care. Use Virtuously Clean with Happy Face Scrub to dislodge blemishes and remove excess dead cell buildup. And Clarifying Facial Lotion No. 7, applied with light scrubbing motion using a cotton gauze pad will greatly enhance your program.