Cleansers are so versatile!

They can be creams, lotions, oils, miscible oils, sudsing, foaming, clay based or scrubs. They can just clean or they can exfoliate, change the pH balance, moisturize or dry out the skin.  They can just cleanse or they can prep the skin for the next steps in a skin care regimen.  They are so important, no skin fares well without the correct cleansing product or products for their skin type.

Generally, cleansers remove makeup, soil, pollution particles and bacteria. Usually skin does best with two cleansers, one in the morning and one in the evening.  My recommendation is a cream, lotion or miscible oil for evening, steamed for a minute or less with warm water and one of my French Cleansing Cloths.  The cloth is then used to remove the cleanser thoroughly as well, and with it’s muslin texture, lightly exfoliate the skin.

In the morning I generally like to see a client use a gel or light foaming cleanser or perhaps a scrub.  An exception to this would be extremely sensitive skin or extremely dry skin or both.  Those types might do better using a lotion or cream cleanser morning and night.  Personally I alternate between my Dangerously Clean, Virtuously Clean and Happy Face Scrub in the morning and I use a French Facial Cleansing Cloth to remove it.

Tip:  I always use a second French Facial Cloth soaked in ice water and placed over my face after cleansing.  It revitalizes the complexion and makes it feel happy!  Alternately, you can just “ice” your face by running a ice cube over it, this works great too and can be an important step for blemish prone skin.