Combination Skin

Portrait of a fresh and lovely woman.

With all skin types, the center of the face, called the T-Zone, produces more oil and has larger pores than the rest of the face. In combination skin this can sometimes manifest in two different textures.  If the oil production is very mild then the complexion is best treated as normal skin.  But if it has moderate or more oil and the center of the face appears entirely different  from the outside of the face in texture and size of the pores, then we treat the skin as oily.  Since many ingredients recommended for oily or blemished skin are also recommended for anti-aging, you will be not only treating your combination skin but actively working on turning back the clock! Sometimes there is a vast difference between the T-Zone and the outside of the face.  If this is the case for you, you can still use your anti-aging products all over but you may need some TLC for the perimeters of your face. Combination Skin can achieve a more consistent texture throughout the entire complexion with the right ingredients  My experience has led me to suggest My Favorite Stilettos twice daily with Divine Intervention mixed with it if the skin is on the more dry side.  Tender Moment Moisturizer controls oil while Baby Me Moisturizer calms redness down.  Amorously Clean  at night and Virtuously Clean in the morning are good cleansers and for toning, either Refining Facial Lotion No. 5 for more normal type combination skin and Clarifying Facial Lotion No. 7 for oily combination skin.