Cremes have come a long way since the 1950’s!

Bryant Rushing’s cremes are divided into three categories: Active Cremes, Moisturizers and Treatment Cremes.

Active Cremes fundamentally change the skin.  They are capable from moving it from one category of skin to another category. For instance, it can change Dry Skin to Normal Skin or it can transform Blemished Skin to Normal Skin.  It can have some side effects, such as temporary itching, stinging or burning as well as the ability to turn the complexion red for a few minutes.  They can cause the skin to lightly or moderately peel since they are a catalyst for accelerating the speed at which new cells are made.  Since older skin does this slowly and without the perfection of young skin, Active Cremes can make a complexion look and behave like younger skin!  As the complexion acclimates to this quickened cellular activity, the peeling goes away or only happens intermittently.  Adding physical exfoliators to your skin care regimen such as Cotton Gauze Pads, French Facial Cleansing Cloths and/or Happy Face Scrub, will  help you assist the natural peeling of the complexion, revealing a glowing radiance to the skin!

Treatment Creams treat a complexion’s confusion.  For instance, Treatment Creams can sedate or calm irritated, dehydrated or irritated skin.  They can bring a skin that is drier or oily skins more toward normal skin behavior.  They can be part of a skin care regimen or they can be used as needed.  They are indispensable when aggressively treating aging or blemished complexions.  They allow you to use the Active Serums or Cremes without all the side effects.

Moisturizing Cremes are just that.  Some moisturizers offer the skin hydration which means the skin is suffering from water loss.  Other moisturizer offer the skin lipids which means the skin is suffering a lack of healthy oils.  And some moisturizers do both!  You don’t have to figure out which one you need because they will be listed with your specific skin type!