Dehydrated is a description that can include any skin type. As an example, a complexion can be Oily and Dehydrated! Generally speaking, dehydration shows up from external factors. Sun and wind exposure are big culprits. This type of dehydration needs immediate attention with cold water compresses or if you can get it, soak the compresses in cold skim milk. Follow with an OTC hydrocortisone, better suited for this is my 911 Creme. The skin will start to exfoliate in less than a week and should be left alone and treated gently.

Anti-Aging and Acne products quite often have a side effect of Dehydration. The ingredients in these products usually include one of the following ingredients: AlphaHydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Tretenoin and Synthetic Vitamin A acids as well as Retinol and Sulphur, though this list is not inclusive.

This dehydration needs both immediate attention and further prevention when using dehydrating products. I have my clients mix their dehydrating products with either Divine Intervention Serum (for Normal, Oily and Combination Skin) or Answered Prayer Serum (for Sensitive, Dry and Normal Skin). I also generally trade out their moisturizer for 911. This protocol lets the complexion get used to these wonderfully strong, highly effective products with impunity while avoiding Dehydration and excessive sensitivity.