Dry Skin

Portrait of beautiful young blond woman with clean face.  High key shot.

There is Dry Skin and Dehydrated Skin.  Dry Skin is genetic in nature while any skin type can find itself dehydrated. If you have genetically dry skin you probably didn’t have much trouble in puberty with blemishes. Dry skin is very fine textured, the pores are small and the skin can feel tight, especially after cleansing.  It shows wrinkles early, may burn easily and is generally of northern european descent.

Dead cells seem to accumulate with dry skin, leaving it lackluster and unable to absorb moisturizers. This type of delicate skin needs some extra TLC with gentle physical and chemical exfoliation and both hydration and moisturization. My recommendations are Innocently Clean morning and night, Softening Facial Lotion No. 3 once or twice daily, Happy Face Scrub several times a week, Mirror Mirror Serum in the morning and Silk Lingerie morning and night. Additional luxury may be necessary with Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer to deeply correct dehydration.