How It Started!


I  had  the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Albert Kligman, co-developer of Retin-A™ at the First International Esthetics Conference held in the United States where he was speaking. We discussed at length the merits and future possibilities for tretinoin (Retin-A™) in the esthetics industry.  I had began using it myself to better understand it as all the esthetic

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salons in town had posted signs in their window refusing service to those using Retin-A™. Estheticians were frightened (as they should have been) at what Retin-A was capable of.  None of the rules and guidelines of old esthetics could be applied to these rapidly exfoliating, tender and rosy retinized complexions.

I had been considering shaving my upper lip to get rid of facial hair. Waxing was no longer an option as Retin-A™’s action on the skin produced profound exfoliation. Waxing, another form of exfoliation, would be highly unpredictable now and might even pull skin off deep enough to leave scars.  One night after cleansing my face,  staring at myself in the mirror, I made a decision that changed my life and launched  my career.  There was nothing left to do but to shave my upper lip!

Within a few weeks I omitted using shaving foam and shaved my whole face.  What transpired over the next few months  I could have never expected.  I kept thinking, “It has to be my imagination!” It appeared that the wrinkles on my upper lip and around my eyes were diminishing!  The scruffy look that accompanies Retin-A™ use all but disappeared with the daily shaving.  As time went on, my complexion became firmer, even translucent with a beautiful smooth finish.  Even the  brown spots from childhood sunburns were lightening up.  I began shaving as a form of exfoliation in my practice and business flourished as clients returned extolling the results of shaving.   I sent out my first newsletter (snail mail then!) and explained my protocols which I named Dry Exfoliation and Wet Exfoliation. I  replaced the products I was carrying at the time with my own products, created to enhance and accelerate what my Exfoliation methods  were doing.  Today I have hundreds of clients all over the world who have shaved their faces for nearly thirty years!

The following is an email I received from a client:

“August 9th, 2016

Hi Cheryl,
Hope this finds you and yours doing well.
I had to share a laughable moment with you. I was sitting with my mother last week watching her favorite TV program, Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen had a segment on the newest trends in beauty and the woman she had on was going on about how ALL the stars are doing this and it serves a dual purpose, “removes hair and exfoliates at the same time, simply amazing, it’s trending now”….. you know, the trend you started over 25 + years ago, shaving!
Thanks for always being ahead of the trends.
Warmest regards,
Terri G.”