How To Do It!

How To Turn Back Time With Shaving!

Instructions for performing Dry Exfoliating (Shaving) on your face:

Remove makeup  first with either Innocently Clean or Naturally Clean and a French Facial Cleansing Cloth to start with a clean slate.  Assemble your products. You’ll need a razor that does not pivot, some talc or cornstarch powder and a little bowl of ice.  Prepare your face by cleansing thoroughly with either Virtuously Clean or Dangerously Clean using a Buffing Pad. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry. With a cotton pad apply a small amount of the talc or cornstarch powder and leave it on a minute before removing the excess.  Your skin should feel nice and tight.

Attractive young woman shaving her face and showing thumb upIf you’ve ever seen a man shave, it’s pretty much the same.  The important thing is to work small areas at a time, hold the skin that you are working on taut as you work, go in all directions and take your time. You’ll want to tap your razor now and then to get the accumulated powder and dead skin cells off of the blade. The powder supplies a ‘slip’ to the razor and gets off the hair.  The second pass removes the dead skin cells.  Avoid eyebrow areas altogether! Make all the faces you need to keep that skin taut as your work.  Properly done, you’re skin will feel a little numb or naked, maybe tender and soft as a baby’s behind.  Take an ice cube and move it over your face until it feels nice and cold.  Pat dry and apply either Divine Intervention (for hydration), followed by Answered Prayer for nourishment. Follow with 911 Creme (it may sting for a minute) and you’re done.  Make up can be applied or you’re ready for bed! This procedure can be done once a week or once a month, depending on your home regimen protocol and how often you notice dry, flaky or sloughing skin.

Instructions for performing Wet Exfoliating (Shaving) on your face:

Assemble a non-pivoting razor, a small bowl of ice, a Buffing Pad and a French Facial Cleansing Cloth.   (If you are wearing makeup, I recommend Innocently Clean or Naturally Clean with one of the French Facial Cleansing Cloths to begin. Apply either Dangerously Clean or Virtuously Clean to the skin and add a tiny bit of water to give it some ‘slip.’ If you’ve seen a man shave, well, it’s pretty much the same except we are shaving (exfoliating) for skin renewal.  Hair removal is a victim of this process, it is not the goal.

The important thing to remember is to hold the skin taut as you work on small areas at a time.  When you get to the forehead, put your other hand on your eyebrows so you do not lift them and keep away from your hairline.  Rinse the non-pivoting razor several times during the process using hot water.When you are done, run the buffing pad over your face for a few seconds to give the skin a little metabolic lift and remove any other dead skin cells, then use one of the French Facial Cleansing Cloths to give your face a final go over. Run ice cube over your face till it feels chilly, pat dry and apply Divine Intervention followed by Answered Prayer.  Proceed with 911 Creme and either go to bed or apply makeup!  This procedure can be done daily, adjusted for your own skin type and preference.