How You Can Have Beautiful Skin

Don’t be discouraged, many women are confused about what skin type they are.

Skincare Untangling the reasons for  confused skin  is an esthetician’s job. But take heart,  there is no great mystery here.  I can easily teach you how to  be your own esthetician.  Many women are confused about what skin type they are.  If you are one, just pick the type based on the products you were choosing in the past.   If your still unsure, look through the list from the menu entitled Specific Skin Conditions.  And don’t worry, confusion slips away as you realize over time that you do know more about your skin than you give yourself credit for.

With few exceptions and  minor adjustments, all of the Bryant Rushing Skin Care Products can be used with any skin type.   In fact all of the products can be blended with each other to make custom formulations specific to your skin care needs.

You cannot make a mistake choosing the right product.

You cannot make a mistake while shopping for your complexion from the Bryant Rushing High Performance Skin Care. You’ll find explanations and personal tips from my experience  working with my products as well as my clients input about them.  As you continue on your education to become your own esthetician, you’ll want to look at the Blenders and the Catalysts under the Products Menu to advance your home treatment plan.

Some Important Notes:

~Cleanse twice daily, no more and no less than that.Use a gauze pad to apply the Facial Lotion best for your skin type, using a light scrubbing motion to really deposit it into the skin while adding some exfoliation. 

~Chose a Retinol (for evening) , a Vitamin C (for morning) and an AHA serum (once and gradually twice a day) to launch yourself into the esthetics dimension of skin care. For those just starting out, a jumping off place would be My Daily Vitamin (Retinol), Vitamin Luxe (Vitamin C) and Mirror Mirror, Cocktail Dress or My Favorite Stilettos (AHA serums).

~Give yourself a Professional Facial Treatment once a week by using Happy Face Scrub followed by either Slumber Party Masque or Sleeping Beauty Masque. After rinsing off, apply 911 Creme and either go to bed or apply your sunscreen and makeup.

~You may experience some breaking out or “purging” as we estheticians call the phenomenon of your skin cleaning house as it is getting used to high performance products. This usually takes about two weeks or less.

~Do not pick your skin, ever! If you get blemishes, ice them for a few minutes every 3 or 4 hours.  If you get a painful cyst that won’t go down, see a dermatologist for an injection of cortisone. 

~Don’t ever, ever touch your face except to cleanse it or apply makeup.

~Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to keep wrinkles away.

~Wear sunscreen daily!  There are dozens of good ones to choose from on the web.  Just make sure it is a broad spectrum and is at least an SPF 30.

If you would like to schedule a personal consultation to assist you with choosing your skin care products and receive a $20 gift certificate for shopping, go to the Contact Page for more information.