Key Products

Key Products are those items that, as I tell my clients, allow them to “stretch the envelope”  with their skin care regimen.  These are the products that puts you in the driver’s seat.  Here you will find products and methods that make you your own Esthetician!

These items are in two different categories.  The first category, The Blenders,  allow you to use to mix on the Blenders with any serum that packs a punch.  This would include Mirror Mirror, My Favorite Stilettos, Cocktail Dress, My Best Selfie, Vitamin Luxe and My Daily Vitamin. There are two serums, one for Sensitive, Dry and Normal Skin called Answered Prayer.  And another  one, called Divine Intervention for All Skin Types but especially Normal, Combination and Oily.  The last one, 911 Skin Relief Creme, can be added to Cremes that are Active.  These are Deliberately Beautiful, Stagelights and Satin Slip.

The other category is The Catalysts.  These amazing products will blow your mind!  Gauze Pads replace cotton pads for applying toner to exfoliate and prep your skin to accept your Toner more deeply. French Facial Cloth, replacing  ordinary terry cloth washcloths, will exfoliate and refinish your skin, eventually polishing it to perfection.  Now Happy Face scrub is your Esthetic Quality Microdermabrasion Treatment.   Without leaving your home, you can give yourself a professional facial!

Lastly, when you think your skin can’t get any better, it’s time to incorporate Microneedling with your own personal MTS Roller™.  This esthetic device increases absorption of products, when used before applying, from about 3% to 3000%!  I sell the Clinical Resolutions Microroller over other brands because it is made in the United States, uses all medical grade PC materials, an ergonomic grip and boasts the only clinically proven data. Its sterile, 200 microfine needles leave the epidermis intact instead of cheaper, imported devices that use over 500 needles shaped like tiny daggers.

I promised you that it was possible to become your own Esthetician!  Incorporating Key Products into your skin care program gives you all the tools you need to bring esthetic facial  quality products and techniques into your own hands!