Lax Tissue and Sagging

Loss of Collagen and muscle atrophy contributes to lax tissue and sagging of the face.  Collagen degrades into mush from sun exposure, leaving the tissue prone to drooping, folding and settling into fine lines and wrinkles. New devices and procedures  are available to help regenerate collagen in the dermis and more are being developed each year.  Still, avoiding sun is the Number One thing you can do to preserve a youthful look. Even moderate sun exposure can make one look ten to fifteen years older than their contemporaries.

Some peptides can correct the look of tissue sagging but not if it is severe.  Microneedling  is showing great promise for remodeling collagen as well as other effects of premature aging but sometimes surgery is the only answer to a client’s expectations.

The best answer for this type of aging is to concentrate on the texture of the skin with anti-aging products where refinement can diminish the look of lax tissue considerably.