Mature & Post Menopausal

Mature skin is a complexion that fits the description of that age group. Typically it is post menopausal and therefore more dry with a tendency toward dehydration. Generally you will find the pores are smaller than when you were young and breakouts are rare if not nonexistent. Fine lines and wrinkles are more prominent and the skin can feel lax and sagging. There are solutions! Make sure you are masking regularly, once or twice a week. Get monthly facial treatments from a licensed esthetician with expertise in anti-aging. Take your good oils: fish oil, flaxseed, borage, evening primrose and black current oil as well as a good multiple vitamin for mature women. Anti-oxidants are vital! I take Vitamin C, E and Reversatrol. And don’t forget exercise! Cardiovascular exercise moves circulation into the face, strengthening the muscles and revitalizing the complexion. Oh, and keep learning. Aging is in the mind.