My Story


Cheryl Coffman


I don’t know exactly when it began. It was very early in my career. I was giving a facial treatment when, without portent, I was suddenly apprehended by my client’s “essence”. This is extremely difficult to explain, but I will try. I saw her unique self in all its preciousness hidden within the allness of a magnificent everything.

Now I wasn’t particularly fond of this client, you know there are some people you are inexplicably drawn to . . . she was not one of those people. But in that moment I found myself separated from my personal opinion, and in fact, I felt more joined with my client than with myself. I was in a blissful, yet neutral place where the divisions that normally pervade between individuals had evaporated. And I experienced deep love and compassion for my client.

I sensed my hands upon her face were providing healing, though I was not aware of any healing she may have needed, nor did she mention any illness. Then I recalled upon her arrival she seemed (as she did at every appointment) distracted, irritable and contentious. But on that day, after that treatment, she left smiling and radiating kindness.




Healing the World, One Person At a Time.


And I? I was transported to an elevated place where everything felt perfect. I knew with every ounce of my being that the world, with all its troubles, and my life, with all my worries, were exactly where they were supposed to be. Here I was in a state I had never understood nor expected. I was living in Grace. In those few moments my career became my Passion, and my job, my Calling.

I believe this may happen more than anyone talks about. Those of you who receive various types of treatments, would you take a moment and describe any experiences you may have had that went beyond treatment and entered into sublimity? And you estheticians, massage therapists and all body workers, can I hear from you as well?

You see, I believe that women by nature are healers. I think the Gift is freed through self-love: Embracing our inner voice, healing the wounded child, embellishing our physical beauty because we can, connecting our spirit with the One Spirit. The heart of Bryant Rushing Beauty is to stretch out our wings of self-love and let them dry in the sun. The spirit of Bryant Rushing Beauty is to inspire our sisters by reminding them of their wings. And the very soul of Bryant Rushing Beauty is to freely give healing with our touch, our words, our eyes and our laughter. And this is how we heal the world, one person at a time.