Normal Skin

Studio shot of young beautiful woman on white background. Professional make up.

How lucky you are if your skin is normal! Normal means you experience oil in the T-zone somewhere after 3:00 pm. You seldom, if ever breakout. Your complexion may look younger than your age if you’ve taken care of it. Your pores are generally small to medium size and your texture is refined and consistent.  But wait! Have you neglected practicing a good skin care regimen since beautiful skin has come easily to you? Caution! One day you may wake up and find benign neglect is catching up to you. Those nights of skipping cleansing your face  eventually start to show up.

If you have noticed your once naturally glowing complexion has lost its radiance and appears flat, dull and lifeless, begin now to care for the great gift you have been given. You can stop and reverse aging now! Chose products recommended for normal skin and embark on a skin care regimen. You can have it all back but now is the time! It’s never too early to think anti-aging. I have clients in their late twenties and early thirties on a vigorous anti-aging protocol.

Some easy to integrate recommendations: Naturally Clean for pm, Dangerously Clean for am. Softening Facial Lotion No. 3 with Gauze Pads for applying morning and evening,  Mirror Mirror Serum morning and My Daily Vitamin Serum at night. Try Girlish Dreams and Satin Slip for moisturizer.