Oily Skin


woman beautyI’ve always envied oily skin. It seems to never age! Young well into maturity, it defies wrinkles and sagging! Oh, but it can be trying! Oily T-zones start appearing before noon and sometimes you feel like you are constantly touching up your makeup since it seems to disappear. Your pores can be larger than you like and you may be troubled by some monthly or stress related breakout. Dealing with oily skin can be frustrating. Here’s some tips that might help: Oily skin is more sensitive and “touchy” than normal or dry skin. It’s affected by stress, hormonal changes and seasonal shifts. Be patient with it and understand it’s perplexity. If you would normalize your oily skin, only wash it twice daily and NEVER use hot water. A little ice therapy after cleansing calms it down since it’s very excitable! Oily skin can get dehydrated with even the perfect products and dehydration triggers oil glands to produce more oil, leading to breakouts. Exfoliating masques are de rigueur. I recommend Slumber Party masque once a week to control oiliness and reduce dehydration. Use Virtuously Clean at night and Dangerously Clean in the morning to cleanse.  Clarifying Facial Lotion No. 7 twice daily applied with gauze pads. Serum therapy is My Favorite Stilettos twice daily or Cocktail Dress if you have brown spots.  And My Daily Vitamin on top every night. Moisturizing should be lightweight. Tender Moment controls oils and may be diluted with a tiny bit of water for very oily skin.