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Bryant Rushing Products were a brainstorm I had in 1973 while going to Cosmetology School.  I pictured a skin care line that would treat All Skin Types as well as stop and reverse the aging process.  A couple of years later, in my kitchen in San Diego, I made a homemade distillery and formulated my first skin care product using Irish Moss (emollient) and Comfrey (source of Allantoin, skin regenerator, healer, anti-inflammatory)  as the active ingredients.  Ten years later I found a bottle and it was still good! Though there are suggestions for each skin type and skin concern, feel free to look around!  Nearly everything is beneficial for All Skin Types with minor adjustments. (See Key Products). These products are highly active yet but when I designed the label and packaging I wanted something beautiful and elegant instead of the medical labels and names I’ve seen on products for the last twenty years.  The names of my products are meant to be fun, but don’t be deceived, they rock!