I’m sad to see that for the most part, American Women do not understand Masques.  The French and indeed, the European women know they are fundamental to beautiful skin.  Regular masquing is a fundamental key to beautiful skin.  Masquing starts off where skin care products leave off.  If you would have beautiful skin, use a masque once or twice a week.

Why?  What does masking do that is so crucial to the complement we all love to hear, “Wow, you have a beautiful complexion!”

For one thing, masques are active.  Their formulations work much differently on the skin.  They actually do something powerful and they do it in a very short time.  Masques are specific and unique.  They do one thing but they do it very well!

It takes so little time and it’s such a nice excuse for some “time out” in your busy day. Cleanse before applying your masque.  (No need to use your Toner and Cotton Gauze Pad.) Let the skin completely dry and apply a significant amount of your masque to your face and throat.

It would be nice if you could lay down with some cotton pads soaked in 1/3 water and 2/3 witch hazel on your eyes but I understand our lives are busy!  After fifteen to twenty minutes removed with a French Facial Cleansing Cloth and some tepid water and end with icing your face by running an ice cube quickly over it.  Continue with your other products starting with your toner and either go to bed or apply your makeup!

There, you’ve just gone to a facial salon without leaving your home, what a skin care guru you are!