French Facial Cleansing Cloths

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100% Cotton Muslin French Facial Cleansing Cloths, Package of 8, $23

These 100% cotton muslin cloths are large enough to cover your face and neck for lightly steaming the face and then removing your chosen cleanser. It’s woven texture provides thorough yet gentle exfoliation. Removes eye makeup efficiently and is thin enough to thoroughly cleanse into the hairline and the ears. These are a must!

Tip: In the morning I put some ice cubes in the sink with cold water and soak a clean Facial Cleansing Cloth. I squeeze it out, open it up and cover my face and throat for an invigorating “closing” to my cleansing routine. The cold water subdues oil activity in blemish prone skin and stimulates aging skin to a quicker metabolism.  Leaves the complexion feeling firm and prepped to better absorb products!