Sensitive Skin

Portrait of a beautiful young African-American woman smiling.

Sensitive Skin is like a princess. It needs its own way or it throws tantrums. It is very susceptible to stress, hormonal changes and seasonal shifts. It can have multiple allergies to ingredients and respond angrily to certain foods and drinks. It is often quite beautiful in texture and color and can accompany dry, normal and oily skin types. ( Blemished skin, by virtue of it’s condition is considered sensitive.) Sensitive skin demands attention. It sometimes defies a skin care regimen. You will become your own esthetician in treating it.

Sensitive Skin Is Like A Princess.

There are some rules to remember about sensitive skin: Rule No. 1: Less is more. Sensitive skin doesn’t like layers and layers of products. Rule No. 2: Sensitive skin responds violently to heat. It gets red and oftentimes feels hot. Heat can be the temperature outside, hot showers, saunas and spas, strenuous exercise, spicy foods, hot beverages and alcohol. It can even be triggered by anger or stress! Rule No. 3: Sensitive skin needs cool water to wash with, cool beverages to drink, bland food to eat, lightweight products to put on it and silk to sleep on. As I said, this skin is a princess and though beautiful, needs to be pampered!

Bryant Rushing Amorously Clean or Innocently Clean followed by Softening Facial Lotion No. 3 is a good start. This skin likes Mirror Mirror for gentle exfoliation, Vitamin Luxe for Anti-Aging and Baby Me for moisturization. But look at all the products offered under this category for a complete facial regimen. If you think you have Rosacea, also look under Specific Skin Conditions for more suggestions.