My very favorite of all skin care products are Serums!

What a vast panoply of exciting choices!  With their lightweight viscosity you can literally apply every single important skin care ingredient to your skin without feeling like you are burdened with layers and layers of products!

Extremely versatile, easily absorbed, Serums can be applied alone, layered, mixed with one another or added to Cleansers and Cremes!  They give you the power and knowledge to become your own esthetician!

Serums have a definitive action on the skin and by virtue of their characteristics can be much more powerful than cremes. They can clear blemishes, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation, minimize sagging, tighten and firm contours, relax wrinkles, polish texture and reverse the clock by ten years!  Consistent use can transform an OK complexion into a spectacular complexion!

Within your skin type you will see several serum suggestions.  However, also look under the Specific Skin Concerns Menu and you will find those serums that address the unique problems  that really bother you.

Can you use too many serums?  No! Each one “brings something to the table!”  You can apply by themselves, sequentially or you can mix them together and apply.  Of the Exfoliating Serums (Mirror Mirror, My Favorite Stilettos, Cocktail Dress, My Best Selfie), choose only one.  If it seems too itchy, burning or stinging, add a bit of any other serum and that will “cut” the side effects!

Welcome to Esthetics, you’re on your way to becoming your own Esthetician!