Skin Types

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Personally, I’ve always disliked categorizing skin into “types.”  I’ve said for years that most complexions I work on are confused when I first see them. They don’t know what they are.  They have been subjected either to neglect or a vast array of different and perhaps aggravating skin care products.  I think most consumers are so overwhelmed by what is out there that they often come to me brining their products only to hear that they have, for instance:  1 cleanser, 3 exfoliators, 5 moisturizers and nothing that’s right for their skin.  I find if I can un-confuse a complexion, we can finally see what it is and how best to bring it to normal.

So, if you feel confused by my offerings, don’t worry.  Guess at what skin type you are and go from there.  You really can’t go wrong.  All of these products do something fabulous for everyone! If something doesn’t “fit” I’ll exchange it for something else.  My goal is to treat my customers like clients.  One at a time and with all my attention!