Toners and astringents have unfortunately fallen out of favor in the last thirty years.

I remember seeing Dorothy Grays’s Orange Flower Toner on my Grandmother’s makeup table and my mother used Dorothy Gray’s Satura line.  I vividly remember the toner from Bonne Bell with the wonderful smell!

I firmly believe toners are essential to good skincare but not all toners are created equal!  Let me explain:

I believe skincare products should offer a “banquet of exquisite dishes” for the complexion.  Each and every step should be an invaluable food that “brings something to the table.”  If you are going to take time to apply products to your skin, each and every one should perform some important function and purpose.  A skin care routine must do more than just cleanse, tone and moisturize!  In this day and age, they must have the properties to radically transform the complexion, or else, why bother?

Bryant Rushing’s toners, applied with the Cotton Gauze pads,  performs three vital functions for the skin:  They complete the cleansing process and balance the skin’s vital pH.  They gently exfoliate the complexion, giving it a beautiful glow and permeability for ensuing  products.  And they deposit vital ingredients elemental to that skin type.

All this adds up to the perfect environment for the following dishes of serums and cremes!